About WillChain

About WillChain

WillChain is addressing the most pressing issue the healthcare industry is facing today; data silos and interoperability.

Secure modern infrastructure to power the future of healthcare applications

‚ÄčThe WillChain Platform delivers flexible infrastructure for regulated healthcare institutions to share processes and data securely, on a need-to-know basis, without the need for reconciliation. It combines a permissioned Distributed Ledger with a powerful healthcare modeling language to ensure that each institution operates from a single source of truth.

Eliminates Reconciliation

Distributed Ledgers allow for a secure, shared record of the truth between healthcare participants that eliminates redundant silos of data while giving CMS regulators true transparency.

Accelerates Innovation

‚ÄčThe WillChain Platform is applicable to all healthcare participants and when combined with our proprietary extensible WillChain Machine Learning Libraries, enables institutions to add new product lines and services, both quickly and easily.

WillChain provides computing, storage, Advance Care Planning applications, FHIR APIs, HL7 connectors, Advance Care Planning Data services, ready to use Advance Care Planning network templates and a decentralized Advance Care Planning app store marketplace with payment and ecommerce capabilities.

Meet The Team

Dan O'neal

Mac Clark