Create Your Living Will on a Smartphone

No More Paperwork - Easy Creation, Secure Storage and Timely Access

Creating a Living Will has never been this easy. All it takes is a few clicks on your Mobile phone

Legal Validity

WillChain uses Blockchain technology that captures and stores information in an encrypted format. Our technology takes into account digital identity of the patient along with all legal requirements of data security, data provenance and data auditability.

Single Source of Truth

WillChain uses distributed ledger technology to make sure that all the participants including the Care Team, family members and all the health professionals providing care see the same data no matter where they access the data from. Whenever an update is made to the Advance Care Plan, all the participants will see the update immediately.

EMT Professionals

The EMS/ED/Nursing home professionals will have access to all your Advance Care Planning documents even before they tend to you in an emergency. Our technology alerts the EMS professionals when they arrive to tend to your emergency situation.

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