Single View Of Advance Care Planning Document Visibility for the highly fragmented healthcare industry

WillChain is a solution for the highly fragmented health care industry seeking a holistic view of their patient's advance care planning documents across all the healthcare institutions. We combine all the patients' information dispersed across multiple system to provide a single view of the patient and their advance care planning documents across all the healthcare institutions.

Data Silos

Hospitals have been traditionally optimized to run efficiently and independently on their own. Given the consumer shift where the consumer hops on and hops off at different healthcare institutions expecting the experience to stay the same.

Healthcare institutions challenge now becomes to connect these separate systems which have different patient identifications across different systems.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is another reason that is hindering the full visibility of the customer across multiple channels.

Customers who visit both the physical store and online platform have their data stored in two separate systems and the two separate might not have the customers consent to share the data between the two systems.

When a customer places orders in a cart online and then decides to complete the purchase in the store; the store doesn't have any information on the items in the online cart of the customer.

Enterprise Master Patient Index

Universal ID

Healthcare institutions have their patient's information stored in disparate systems that don't talk to each other.

These disparate systems might be identifying the same patient with different attributes and this makes it difficult for the healthcare institutions to uniquely identify the patient across all the channels.

Universal ID is a reference table that has a universal patient id and also references the patient information across multiple healthcare institutions.

Overcoming Data Privacy Issues

Bridging silos across unaffiliated systems

Due to data privacy issues, Omnichannel enterprises can not share data between different unaffiliated systems as the customer might not have given consent across multiple channels. E.g. Customer shopping at a physical store might not have given consent to use it for eCommerce experience.

Patient check-in broadcast notification system

Each healthcare entity uploads their respective patients' data on to our platform. The entities can only see their data and can not see other entities data.

When the patient hops on to a hospital, our system will notify other healthcare institutions the patient belongs to. E.g. Patient visits hospital, the home healthcare agency, care team and the long term nursing home of the patient are notified.

With WillChain, any healthcare institution can see all the visits the patient has made to any other healthcare institution in the country.